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Leadership:  Leadership in the Days of Transformation

Today, effective leadership by a person or group:

  • Creates an inspiring vision of the future.
  • Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision.
  • Manages delivery of the vision.
  • Builds and mentors a team, so that it is more effective at achieving the vision.

Leadership brings people and or groups together mentoring them to develop the skills needed to accomplish the task at hand. Leadership is changing. In this workshop explore the types of leadership at the community and government level.

 Workshop leaders

Gord Tate – Gord is the Active Living & Active Transportation Coordinator for the Municipality of the District of Chester.  He also serves on the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities Active Transportation Committee, and is a Board member of Community Transportation Nova Scotia.  Gord believes that the quality of our communities is intrinsically linked to how we move ourselves about.  With this in mind, he has worked for the past several years to improve transportation options in his work on the South Shore, and throughout the Province.

Bernie Swan

Bernie has recently retired from the provincial department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.  He has been involved in inclusive transportation for over 20 years and community transportation for more than 10 years.  Bernie has developed a strong interest in community transportation and will continue to have an interest in this area in retirement.

Engagement: User-Focused Engagement: Improving Transit by Understanding the Rider Experience

There has been a shift in thinking when it comes to community engagement and we are recognizing the need to engage with people on their terms. With the expansion of digital and social media, the number of platforms for conducting community engagement is growing. What tools are available to us and how can we use them to meaningfully engage with the community and capture the diversity of voices? This session will focus on creating a toolbox of engagement strategies by sharing stories from communities across Nova Scotia and identifying how to use them effectively to capture the needs of people taking transit.

Workshop leaders

Eliza Jackson

Eliza works with the Ecology Action Centre transportation team as Sustainable Transportation Coordinator. Before joining the EAC, Eliza worked with the Planning & Design Centre to coordinate Switch: Open Street Sundays and she currently serves as the Chair of the Halifax Cycling Coalition. Eliza holds an Honours Bachelors of Science in Geography and Environmental Science from McMaster University and a Masters of Planning from Dalhousie University. Eliza’s focus is on ensuring that people have equal access to transportation options and works to establish walking, cycling, and transit as viable modes in Nova Scotia’s communities.

Nancy Dicks

Mayor of New Glasgow, former Town Councillor and Teacher, Board Member of CHAD Transit

As Mayor of NG, a priority has been a focus on community engagement. Communicating to citizens about the services and opportunities in our community through various forms of media is the key to a successful community.

Accountability Workshop

Community Transit Nova Scotia (CTNS) AGM

Transforming Community Transportation: Mobility for All!

5 minutes Exercise Thought provoking exercise to induce critical thinking.
10 minutes Introduction Accountability PowerPoint Presentation (5-10 slides):

  • Definition of Accountability
  • Accountability through Data Collection
35 minutes Discussion Pose questions for discussion:

  • What can we do to collect data, stay transparent, and move forward towards our goal to provide mobility for all?
10 minutes Wrap up & Summary Summarize discussion and main points.


Workshop Leaders

Dr. Deborah Stiles is an Associate Professor, Humanities, at the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University, where she teaches rural studies, literature, writing, and history courses.  Her research interests include young rural women’s health, the rural Atlantic Canada sustainability areas of sheep’s wool value chain development and young farmers’ access to capital, and, in the cultural studies realm, exploration of the rural and remote landscapes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein through the lens of eco-criticism.

Dr. Ahsan Habib, Associate Professor, School of Planning, and Department of Civil and Resource Engineering (cross), Dalhousie University.

Ahsan is a transportation professor, and the founder of Dalhousie Transportation Collaboratory (DalTRAC). His research interests include travel behaviour analysis, transportation and risk management, and travel demand forecasting. Dr. Habib believes that multi-modal mobility options are key to ensuring sustainability in Canadian cities.

Development – Transformational Development Workshop

In this workshop, we will use a world café approach to examine how transportation planning groups, government & private development can apply an equity lens to ensure that transformational transportation is a key aspect in creating healthy, sustainable, livable communities.

We will focus on 3 aspects:

1) How can transportation groups improve community development through transformational transportation?

2) How can government & private developers improve community development through transformational transportation?

3) How does focusing on equity improve community development through transformational transportation?


Aaron DeRosa is the Co-Chair of the Truro and Area Community Health Board.  Aaron is a board member of CTNS, representing the Truro and Area Community Health Board, promoting transportation as an important aspect of healthy community development.

Mandi Arnold is a Faculty member at the Nova Scotia Community College and a board member for Colchester Anti-Poverty network.

Aron Ashton is an employed under the new Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and has worked in the Health Educator role for Public Health in both Sydney and Sydney Mines for the past 6 years. Aron is heavily involved in different community related projects ranging from facilitating community health board consultations, chronic pain self management workshops, and various Transportation related initiatives. He also volunteers with the Arthritis Society and has a passion for organizing various sporting events, notably the Simon Chiasson Alumni Basketball Tournament.



Transforming Community Transportation: Mobility for All!

Action Plan

Greetings All Participants of the CTNS Conference Transforming Community Transportation: Mobility for All! As promised here is the Action Plan developed by you as a take away from the conference.

A big thanks to Gord Tate for his brilliance and leadership in guiding us through this very important process. He put together this niffy action plan chart below.

Love it!


So, from this amazing list of concrete actions we highlighted are some of the most impactful and feasible actions we all can engage in:

Leadership – Develop leadership abilities (coordination, problem solving, courage) – scoring Impact 8.8 Feasibility 10

How are people in your community or how are you developing leadership abilities? Share your stories, videos, photos with CTNS on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Engagement – Use web tools and social media better, smarter, more comprehensively – scoring Impact 8.9 Feasibility 10

How are people in our community or how are you using social media to promote community transportation? Share your stories, videos, photos with CTNS on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Accountability – Make data accessible for all to allow informed decision-making – scoring Impact 10 Feasibility 6

Share your community’s data with CTNS share your stories, videos or photos with CTNS on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Development – Have central hub to have access to information (navigators) – scoring Impact 10 Feasibility 9

Are you a community transportation navigator? Or is there someone in your community who is sharing information or is information hub? Share your community’s information hub or navigators with CTNS through Facebook, Twitter or email.


Love to hear from you, please let us know what’s happening in your community to transform transportation ensuring mobility for all!

 CTNS 2017 Action Plan