FAQ about the membership program:

1. How much does a CTNS membership cost?
Membership fees are:
• $10 – Individuals and families
• $50 – Organization/Group
• $500 – Sustaining/Municipality


2. When does it expire?
Memberships are valid from April 1 – March 31. If you sign up on the membership page, you will get a notification email to renew from PayPal when your membership expires.


3. What benefits do I get from being a member?
• You receive a subscription to our regular e-newsletter, and become part of an electronic information highway, with urgent updates, and contact with individuals and groups working in or toward community transportation.
• You become member of a community that is building something wonderful.
• And access to province-wide mentors and advocates for your community’s transportation efforts.
• And best of all – you will have a say in CTNS – this means inclusion in our annual general meeting and provincial forums to share information and formulate action plans.


4. How will my membership fee be used?
CTNS is a non-profit organization, so your membership will support the issues that you and other members tell us is important, like: identifying and finding local solutions, community events, raise awareness a community of people and mentors that will help you realize your goals!


5. How can I become a member?
Memberships will be available at all CTNS-sponsored contests and events or you can sign up HERE.


6. How can I learn more about CTNS?
Check out CTNS’ Strategic Plan or reach out to one of the Board members.

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