NSCTN Strategic Plan Announcement We are done!

To have an inclusive transportation network for everyone in Nova Scotia
To lead and support the development of innovative and practical solutions to community transportation challenges.
Core Values
Cooperation and Partnership – We believe that NSCTN is a network of partners, cooperating to support community enhancement through transportation.
Client Focus – We believe that our clients are our stakeholders, and include our partners and cooperators.
Inclusive transportation is a public good – We believe that the provision of inclusive transportation is good public policy and contributes to an enhanced quality of life.
Community transportation must be supported and funded by the community and all levels of government – We believe that community transportation must be publicly supported by the community and all levels of government.
Innovation – As the innovation and think-tank core of community transportation, NSCTN board and staff must think broadly and consider how ideas outside of traditional thinking may provide solutions to communities.
Strategic Priorities Increase the awareness of the benefits of, and need for, community transportation. Activities should be directed at communities, government, and other stakeholders. Strengthen existing and develop new partnerships with communities, government, service providers, businesses and other stakeholders. Identify, promote and enhance systems that connect intra-community, inter-community and rural/urban areas. Build and strengthen NSCTN’s organizational capacity

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