Our Latest Projects

Mapping Our Community Transportation Assets Project

We’re reaching out to our communities because we are looking to provide better transportation options in your community.

One of our goals is to identify vehicles currently being used in some form of community transportation. To that end, we are gathering information which will help us better understand the types of services provided and the vehicles and other assets these services currently use.

The provincial government, along with transportation service providers across the province, wants to support the development of stronger community transportation networks, particularly in rural areas, so that losing the ability to drive, or not owning a vehicle, doesn’t mean losing the ability to get around.

In order to complete our work, we are asking for your help. Specifically, we are seeking information about the vehicles you operate and the services you offer. Your input will help us develop better community transportation systems across Nova Scotia.  

Let’s start the conversation.

Does your organization…

  1. Own a vehicle
    1. If yes, what is the make & model?
    2. Age?
    3. Seating capacity?
  2. Is the vehicle accessible?
  3. How often and when is the vehicle typically used?
  4. Are riders charged a fee?  If yes, what’s the fee?

If you have any questions, please direct them to:


The Transportation Literacy Project

The goal of the Transportation Literacy Project is to increase public awareness about Community Transportation options available in Nova Scotia. This includes plans to expand transportation opportunities through-out the province. It’s important Nova Scotians have a shared understanding that Community Transportation can be a viable option to meet mobility challenges and offer solutions to transportation barriers.