Following is a list of our board members, current as of November 2023. To contact any of our board members, please email us at [email protected]

Tanya Burke, East Hants

Tanya is the Executive Director of East Hants Community Learning Association (EHCLA)/East Hants Community Rider (EHCR). EHCLA believes in a strong and connected community, and through individualized programming and opening doors to education and transportation, we help to contribute to a more prosperous and proud community. With the availability of rural transportation we are empowering individuals to live with a sense of freedom and confidence. EHCR is committed to delivering safe, affordable, and accessible rides to all those facing transportation challenges in our community, irrespective of age or mobility.

Sam Thompson, Pictou County

Sam is a student at Dalhousie University and Owner of Melmerby Adventures water sport rentals. He is very interested in improving his connections with community through his involvement with various local and provincial groups. Sam looks forward to working with the board and partners to work towards improving transportation across the province.

Nancy Dicks, Pictou County

Nancy currently serves as the Mayor of the Town of New Glasgow. In her capacity as Mayor, she also serves as Vice Chair of the Pictou County Wellness Centre Building Authority Inc. and the Pictou County Shared Services Authority. Nancy has a deep passion in volunteering for the betterment of her community. As a retired teacher, she dedicates her volunteer time with many organizations such as CHAD Transit, Roots for Youth, St. Vincent de Paul, and VON.

Cyril Camus, Inverness County

Cyril currently resides in Chéticamp and works for the CSAP, Le Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, as Mathematics and Science Consultant. He is a board member of several community organizations including NIRCA, Le Conseil des arts de Chéticamp, and l’Acabie. He believes volunteers are the heart of most communities in Nova Scotia, particularly rural communities and this passion has motivated him to be an active volunteer in his community for the past 30 years and plans to continue throughout his upcoming retirement.

Ellen Johnson, Lunenburg County

Ellen is an occupational therapist by profession and is currently working as Accessibility Coordinator for the five municipalities in Lunenburg County. As a person with a disability living in rural Nova Scotia, she understands the importance of access to affordable and accessible transportation options for people to participate fully in their communities. She has worked to improve accessibility in the province in her current job, through  advocacy and roles on a variety of boards and committees. Ellen is also currently a board member for Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Advisory Board and the CNIB Nova Scotia Board.

Gil Johnson, Queens County

Gil is a former Regional Councillor with the Region of Queens Municipality, representing the Caledonia area, and is currently president of GJ Utility Safety Training and Consulting Services. He has over 35 years experience in Electrical Utility Management and continues to offer humanitarian support following major storm events. Gil is adamant that accessible transportation is basic infrastructure and should be treated and supported like any other utility service.

Mary MacLellan, Pictou County

Mary has worked with Seniors Outreach and Resource Centre, where she diligently worked to help vulnerable older adults maintain their dignity and independence, and to stay connected to their communities. Mary is excited to continue this work as part of the NSCTN Board to help improve transportation options for everyone.

Lee Norman, Victoria County

Lee currently works as a paramedic in Victoria County, and is also a volunteer driver for Strait Area Transit. Lee is a strong advocate for community transportation options and is passionate about improving options across the province.

Bernard Swan, Halifax

Bernie Swan is recently retired from the provincial Department of Transportation. He has been involved in inclusive/community transportation for over 25 years. His passion for community transportation continued in retirement as a Board Member of Community Transportation Nova Scotia, and now as a board member of the Nova Scotia Community Transportation Network.

Sarah Balloch, HRM, Ex-offico

Sarah Balloch is a well-rounded program manager at Clean Foundation with experience in public outreach and engagement surrounding energy efficiency-related programming, rebate programs and community-focused programming. While currently living in Halifax she was raised in West Hants and continues to work towards making Nova Scotia a leader in the environmental space. With a BA in Environmental Studies and an MA in Environmental Education and Communication, Sarah has a wide breadth of knowledge relating to environmental issues and the complex social, economic and ecological systems they exist in. Her enthusiasm for the environment continues into wild spaces, with training from the Outdoor Council of Canada, Hike NS, Canadian Women & Sport and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.