The Nova Scotia Community Transportation Network (NSCTN) is a non-profit advocate for accessible transportation in Nova Scotia. We act as a central spot where transportation providers and supporters can gather to share information, build the network, and help government enact policies that support growth.

It has been a long road from 1996 to now. In our first year, two community transportation providers—Transport de Clare and CHAD—hit the road. They were fledgling organizations that worked on a wing and prayer, meeting the needs of people living with disabilities in Clare and Pictou Counties.

By 2000 that number had grown to eight. It became apparent that there was a need for a network—a single voice for the issues around accessible transportation. In October 2000, approximately 120 stakeholders representing over 50 organizations met. The result was the Nova Scotia Community-based Transportation Association (NS-CBTA), which included service providers and advocates for persons with a transportation disadvantage. This was the birth of the network that encouraged the development and growth of community-based transportation in Nova Scotia.

Since then community transportation has grown by leaps and bounds. There are now 19 providers operating in all but two counties in Nova Scotia. These providers are supported in whole or in part by all three levels of governments and the communities they serve.

NSCTN has gone through several name changes but our vision has always been:

An integrated transportation network that serves the needs of every Nova Scotian; a network that leads to everyone’s door.